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Baby center

Wonderfull app really useful during pregnancy and afternoom birth to follow the growth of mu baby ! Love it !

Language Setting DOESNT work

Please change the system, let us chose/change the language setting on the app. It doesnt work the connection to the phone language setting...


Great app, very helpful and informative


Great app with lots of useful information! :)

Love it!

Great resource for me, a first-time mom. My husband and dad are using the app too!


This app gives efficient, reliable information. I love that theres a section to communicate with other moms due around the same time as you. I also love that we can communicate and educate each other on birth related stuff with advice.


Great app for new moms. It eases my mind reading the articles and experiences of other moms.


Love the information updates every week! So nice to share all the tidbits with our families and friends! Love the links and articles as well!!

The best app during pregnancy

You could find very useful pregnancy information and related articles in this app.

Awesome app!

Fantastic, awesome app! Love it! Even if its free, I get a lot of information about pregnancy, which I need since Im a first time mom

Too much work

Every time I read a thread and close it, it freezes and it kicks me back to the first page of the group. Really annoying when trying to follow up with something. Maybe get rid of the pages and just let us scroll..

Love this app!!

Everyday, I received step by step with so much detailed information! It makes my first pregnancy very knowledgable and it is ready for me to use what I have a moment!! I really love it!!

So grateful

I love this app. As a new mom Im lost w/ all these bodily changes. I really love reading each week whats happening and getting up dates. Love it! Thanks so much!

Such a great app

This app is so informative and the support you can get from the community chat is great. Fantastic job!

Love it.

Its an informative app with an fantastic easy to use interface. Its my favorite preggo app

Good app

I really love thi app its very informative and helpful. Makes me feel more excited about my babys growth.

Good informative APP

Good app but...... Its all directed to mom to be. As an expectant father I find the information useful for knowing whats going on with both my wonderful wife and mom to be and my baby to be. Wish theyd direct the information to expectant parents rather than just mom.

New update

I just updated my iPhone to the new update and now my Baby Centre app wont work ☹️️ I really like this app, find it very helpful. Please help!!


Love this app :)

Very informative and easy to use


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